Copywriting Portfolio

As a utility writer, my portfolio includes everything from book jackets to case studies and company slogans. Feel free to contact me for more information.


2 thoughts on “Copywriting Portfolio

  1. Matt,

    I happened upon this page looking up my last name, De Virgilis or DeVirgilis (depends on who you ask in my family). My sister, Ellen St. John née De Virgilis, went to our ancestral home, San Eusanio del Sangro in Abruzzo, Italy, where we found out we dropped the extra i at the end when we came to America. Locals also told my sister we were mispronouncing it. He pronounced it Day-veer-JEE-lee-eez.

    I enjoyed reading this post and identify with the mangling of our surname by others.

    Take care,
    Ted De Virgilis

    • Ted,

      Thanks for reaching out. In researching your name, and actually our name, did it appear to be common? My family is from Ripa Teatina, Italy, also in Abruzzo. I still have family there, actually. What else were you able to learn about our ancestry?



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