All in Favor Say What?!



I was watching the news not too long ago and I saw a story concerning an uproar at the Republican National Convention that made me chuckle.

Now, when I started writing, both fiction and blogs, I promised myself I would stay away from politics – getting thrown out of a benefit for screaming about the Bill of Rights tends to push you off your soap box. I vowed that my opinions on politics and religion don’t need to be splattered on the page or vocalized anywhere, except in the voting booth.

This post is not about the politics of that convention. Don’t worry.

The uproar at the convention was over a proposed rule change that affects who can run in a primary – a pretty big rule change. You know how they voted on the proposed rule change? A voice vote. Yes, the Speaker of the House asked all in favor to say aye and all opposed to say no. Boehner didn’t have a scream-o-meter like the one in the picture. He alone determined which side raised the roof more. You can see in the video below how close it was.

Technologically, we’ve come a long way in this nation. We have phones that can pinpoint your location and recommend an eatery based on your tastes. We have a robot on Mars. We have drones. We have pens. Yet, we still use the voice vote? Even America’s Funniest Home Videos has come up with a better way to pick a winner. I’m all for efficiency. I’m all for fairness. You’d think the RNC could come up with a balance of the two, but I said I’d stay out of the politics of it all. Regardless, all in favor of ending voice votes, say aye.

About mattdevir

I live with my wife – and inspiration – in Point Pleasant, New Jersey. I have written and produced television shows for The Discovery Channel, TLC, HGTV, and Baby First Television. In addition to reading my work here, you can also find it on, Istanbul Literary Review, and Pure Slush. I have many nicknames – Benny, Baber, and Beaver being the most popular. Every now and then someone calls me Faber. Feel free to use any of those. I understand my last name is a bit tough.
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3 Responses to All in Favor Say What?!

  1. Well said, Matt! Well said.

  2. stutleytales says:

    You’re kidding! Is that really how a resolution was determined?

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