Genius Branding?

I’m no branding expert. Heck I’m not even a branding novice. But I am a writer and I have written plenty of marketing copy and know how to reach a consumer audience.

So every now and then I come across a product name or slogan that jumps out at me and I say to myself, what were they thinking? Look at the image.

Dirty Sugar!

Dirty Sugar!

You may wonder why I’m not mature enough to understand the reasoning behind the name. Well, I’m a guy. I still have the comedic maturity of a 15-year-old. I doubt there’s a guy out there who wouldn’t giggle when seeing this.

Anyhow, the deep thinker I am realized that maybe this was the brand’s intention all along. Get a good laugh and a few mentions on a few blogs and people will be inclined to try the product. Sweet Jesus it’s working. Kudos, Two Moms.

About mattdevir

I live with my wife – and inspiration – in Point Pleasant, New Jersey. I have written and produced television shows for The Discovery Channel, TLC, HGTV, and Baby First Television. In addition to reading my work here, you can also find it on, Istanbul Literary Review, and Pure Slush. I have many nicknames – Benny, Baber, and Beaver being the most popular. Every now and then someone calls me Faber. Feel free to use any of those. I understand my last name is a bit tough.
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6 Responses to Genius Branding?

  1. Great story, Matt. And, yes, it would be fair to call it marketing genius. I too have a backkground in marketing and productd naming and also would not presume to be a branding expert, but this one says it all by itself.

  2. stutleytales says:

    LOL. What can I say…? I always enjoy your posts, Matt.

  3. Hilarious! Reminds me when the tea party people were getting started and called themselves “teabaggers”. And people like me were saying, “Ummm, you do know what that means, right?” as we snickered to ourselves.

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