Breakfast at The Cottage: Beginning the End

of all the wisdom Norman shared, openly or just by example, the one lesson that has stayed with me is this – everyone has a right to be heard, to be represented both by law and by story, regardless of how much we may disagree with their point of view or their beliefs. If we never stop to listen, we will never have the opportunity to find out where we do agree.

Breakfast at The Cottage: A Moral Dilemma

I’m going deep with this one, I know. But it is relevant and perhaps my first attempt at entering the current narrative. It’s also relevant because when my daughters catch a glimpse of the news or overhear my wife and I or others talking about current events, they inevitably ask the fundamental questions that adults skip over.

Painted Lady

Instead of the next installment of Breakfast at The Cottage, below is a short non-fiction piece called Painted Lady that’s in my Porch Stories collection. These are my girls.

Breakfast at The Cottage: A Continued Pause

At this point, you are either a little like my normal self – barely looking into Norman and letting his personality and humanness unfold in front of you. Or you are like my working self – immediately researching the guy to find out who he is. If you’re the latter, then you know his accomplishments. He had written at least two books – Life’s Snapshots and The Gamblers – and had written opinion pieces for various papers including the New York Times.

Breakfast at The Cottage: Our First Meal

“You’ll find I don’t shut up with my ideas,” he said. “I’ve been coming here for thirty-years. Place hasn’t changed.”

“We haven’t, but you’ve turned into a grumpy, old geezer,” said the woman from behind the counter. Don’t look offended, hun. We love him like family.”

Meeting Norman

Young and idealistic. Broke and in debt.  I had just graduated and hoped to land my dream job – writing for a Discovery Channel show. Instead, I hustled at a local marina to stay afloat. My $10-an-hour job scraping barnacle and painting boat bottoms covered rent for my townhouse and my student loan payments. Every […]